About Us

The Stern Alumni Club of Minnesota is a member of NYU Stern's alumni network and is entirely run by volunteers. We organize events, network, participate in community service, and council prospective students about attending The Leonard N. Stern School of Business. To learn more, contact one of our officers or Contact Us.

Tentative Goals

The organizing committee has enumerated the following goals for the Stern Alumni Club of Minnesota, subject to the feedback and ratification of our members.

  1. Opportunities for recent graduates, in particular, to network with each other and more established alumni
  2. Recognition that the chapter must provide something of value to each person's business, career or community interests. Defining what the Stern Alumni Club of Minnesota's purpose is all about (Our Mission), will be the subject of our first few meetings.
  3. The Club will offer members of Minnesota Stern community an opportunity to meet monthly in order to network, debate challenging business topics, present and receive feedback on new business plans, and pitch investment ideas. Ideally, the Club will facilitate the work of fellow alumni work to build their careers and companies, create jobs, fund investments, counsel prospective NYU Stern students and make contributions to our community.

Planned Social Media Initiative to Boost Member Participation and Networking Benefits

Although in early stage development, the Stern Alumni Club of Minnesota plans to use social media to its advantage. For example, the Club will use LinkedIn as a ready-made way to facilitate communication between members. Likewise, we may also use Google docs for collaboration, evite.com for managing events, and such other applications as Skype and Twitter, as appropriate. We invite your input.

The Stern Minnesota Alumni Club also plans to foster member communication and enhance membership networking experience via a leading "White Label" social media platform. Through use of local and user-generated content and the power of Web 2.0 community tools such as blog and special interest forums on such topics as finance, marketing, IT and more, will make the Stern Minnesota Club the premier destination for alumni seeking relevant business information, as well as social and professional networking opportunities. From camaraderie to collaboration, the Stern Alumni Club of Minnesota will be the destination for business information for us - by us.

Contact Us

Have a question? Please contact us at info@sternminnesota.org. We'll try to answer your question with 24 hours.

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