In coming weeks the Stern Alumni Club plans to roll out the Community section of our site. As a registered user, you will be able to:

  • Create customizable profile pages
  • Connect with friends and make new ones through the leading social media tools and services including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Display your favorite media, blogs and podcasts
  • Exchange private messages and participate in forums
  • Form sub-groups around your favorite topics of interest, e.g. Private Equity, Marketing, IT, HR and more

The community section of our site will be powered by the generous philanthropic support of Crowd Factory, the leading Social Marketing Platform that enables users to identify and engage their brand influencers, stimulate those relationships to acquire new customers, and capture valuable insights used to optimize social marketing campaigns. Crowd Factory provides a social marketing platform for your brand, with onsite social, feed marketing, landing pages and actionable analytics. Learn more.

Connect with Minnesota and national NYU Stern Alumni:

Join the LinkedIn Stern Alumni group here.

Join the Facebook Stern Alumni group here.